Special Thanks

Dedicating and special thanks to these people for their inspiration on my life, faith and art!

In Memory Of:

Bonifacio "Bud" Tuzan Fahel Jr. (8/1/1933 - 2/12/1998)

Ida Jennette Kinney (8/7/1942 - 7/27/2013)

Rich Mullins (10/21/1955 - 9/19/1997)

Brennan Manning (4/27/1934 - 4/12/2013)

Special Thanks To:

Mum for raising me up from the day I was born and still remaining by my side. Even though she goes through practically hell on earth to raise this special needs child. I also wish to thank my Daddy for stepping up to the plate where my biological father left me... I will always be grateful for that!

Savannah (Miller) Hensley for being my best friend and one of my longest lasting friends, ever. For adopting me as her sister and being willing to stand by my side, though I am stubborn, feisty am always saying sorry... ;) For being very patient of this frustrating girl over here... And for helping to nurture my faith and being my accountability partner.

Amanda Wood for being by my side these eight years. For remaining my friend even through the annoying, heartbreaking, or stormy times of our friendship. For the influence and inspiration she has on my life, art, and faith.

Eli Cornell for being that twin brother I never had. For still being my friend even after all I put him through. For his caring heart and caring in a time when I didn't care. For being the one to pull me out of my own shadows, when I thought at the time that I had wanted to remain hidden. For opening my eyes to the truth that though, at the time, I don't want to hear, I am always thankful for it.

Kinderline Lake for being my Seichicko; Mother Berserker for so many years. Being an awesome friend and always being crazy, genius and loads of fun around me. For her fearlessness to tell the truth as it is and be firm when speaking it.